Monthly Archives: February 2009

Done felling

Now I’ve just about finished felling (but still a lot of extraction on hand) I can review where we are with Spring in Strid. The sycamores are running sap like a tap, especially when cut with a chainsaw. The curlews are back calling (or crying as they used to think), a pair of Dippers have appeared in the Wharfe fishing at the confluence with , the woodpeckers are calling and drumming. The ground is full of sprouting herbs – Bluebells, Ransomes, Nettles, Dog’s Mercury and the Golden Saxifrage is flowering.

A bigger seat

As I’m rapidly running out of time for felling and extracting the felled timber from the woods to the side of the track, I’m cutting the timber in larger and larger logs. A sycamore I felled today had a good clear trunk and I was loath to cut it into ‘manageable’ logs, but it needs to come out somehow. Decided on a compromise and cut two companion chainsawn seat blanks from it. They’ll have to go inside as sycamore seems to stain very rapidly outside.

Also gave me another chance to tow the Lift’n’Shift:

It was rather demanding cutting the two chairs in situ on the valley-side, extensive use of winch, chocs and stakes involved. Manged to get by with no mishaps or earth strikes, however. Phew, glad it was (late) pancakes for tea.