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Wild About Wood

Just back from Castle Howard, North Yorkshire where I met Saul Blenkarn, swill maker.  He’s from Hexham and if you want to contact him his phone number is 07818 452 322. He was taught by Owen Jones. Beautiful baskets and a great way of displaying them

I loved his simple shelter, makes mine look way over the top, I feel a redesign coming on for next year’s dos.

I had a great pitch, just in at the entrance, in a grove of small Hornbeams, the first stand visitors encountered, and they all certainly seemed to enjoy my true bodger weekend, turning out the rungs for a set of 6 dining chairs – that’s a whole lot of rungs, nearly got them all done though.  The children were very interested as always, and one of them after having a late go on the lathe, helped us pick up the horse shavings.

This was the first woody event at Kew at Castle Howard arboretum, and seemed to be a success as they will be holding it again next year.

Back to Strid tomorrow, hope the midge repellent fire is not required again

Looking forward to felling and thinking about extraction

Food for thought! (Click on the previous text to browse the book where this appears)

There are going to be horse extraction demos at the Wild About Wood weekend I’m working at this weekend – I don’t expect it to snow though, or for the horses to be so burdened!  The chapter whence this photo comes is a fascinating brief overview of heavy logging in North West (?) America around the turn of the 20th century. No chainsaws.

And if you think the horses are somewhat overloaded – look at these poor beasts – must be about 20 people on there, and they are going from Hebden Bridge Station to Hardcastle Crags’ Gibson Mill, which is by no means a level journey!