Monthly Archives: June 2010


The year of the last major UK drought.  It’s happening again.  In Strid Wood the fern leaves are dying:

There seems to be a big reaction to the very hard winter: flashback:

And dry Spring.  Seeds seem to be setting very early,

and disease is rife:

Notice the epicormic shoot growth at the base of the diseased twig.

I think the regeneration is very heay this year, look for all the ash seedlings in this patch, I think there are may be 14:

And there are the shy little oak seedlings in ones too:

Holly too, which is good as this is understory, or shrubs, which are dreadfully absent in Strid:

Even the slash and burn sycamore is coming back from two years ago’s felling:

Ok so I’ve been making things too as well as loking at them. Some of these:

And three of these:

Oh well nearly Autumn!

A wiggly balustrade

So finito benito:

It’s now ready for collection and erection at a forest school outdoor classroom.  Rather a challenge and like all things got easier as I went along – the one meter stretch was a breeze.

Still working on the small charcoal kiln, and getting ready for making Bedouin tents with some school children (cue making mallets, tent pegs, buying tarpaulin etc.).  And worrying about a day with 28 Saudi students coming up after that, just realised I need some chairs, well I guess it will have to be logs on end!

Very dry still, driest for 40 years apparently, doesn’t make it easy to choose nice wet sycamore for spatula carving practice that I’ll be doing with the students.