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Another oak garden bench


What’s wrong with this picture (as Van Morrison might have asked)?

Well, there are two buildings that I don’t care for, and they were built recently.  You can probably spot them.  I spot them every day from my front garden.  Can’t we design buildings that others will view for many years properly?  Or don’t we care?

Here’s my latest bench:

And here it is 20 miles away, where it will live for some time, making  people comfortable, that’s what it’s supposed to do.

If you look carefully you may be able to see the stair-rod rain falling.  We have had a lot of rain recently, more than enough. This bench has been made under the tarpaulin at The Bodgery, but it’s oak so should stand up to our English weather for some time to come, being full of tannin, which microbes do not like to live with.

The rain favours these chaps though.

Harts Tongue ferns, new and glossy in the Summer Strid rain.

It’s not just about the wood


Although with lumps of English yew like this, it counts for quite a lot.

I keep having walks in Strid near The Bodgery after my lunch to feast my eyes on stuff that’s happening.  My eyes nearly popped when I saw this!

A five leafed Herb Paris.  As before, Herb Paris is and ancient woodland indicator. It is called Paris quadrifolia – four leaved.

You would have thought it would have brought good luck?  Well apparently not for bodgers.  On Sunday I was at Knaresborough Castle – the one demo where I dress up on a slightly medieval theme – well it is their medieval day.  Anyway, although it was warm and dry, there was a bit of a breeze.  While I was taking the Land Rover and trailer offsite the horizontal section of the A frame bust.  I rigged the tarp into a mono plane back against the rear wall.  Another head on gust and the top of one of the side A frame bust, over went the whole rig backwards – no deaths though, fortunately.  After a rather panicky delayed start the day went well, but judging from this photo perhaps I should consider a career change – tree ‘surgeon’ perhaps?

Or maybe I should change my breakfast diet?