Monthly Archives: July 2013

Summer time

Great! At last butterflies are turning up in our garden, the hard weather in Spring must have affected their survival. Not seen any peacock butterflies yet, but whites are numerous and yesterday there were four tortoiseshells on the buddleia. There are very tricky to photograph however.

(That’s not a buddleia, by the way!)

This is a glorious Summer with lots of fruit and vegetables in wave after wave. At the moment we’re on gooseberries and the broad beans are ready too, as the spuds have been for a few weeks now.

Beuatiful skies, and spectacular thunderstorms.

But always at my back I hear,
Time’s winged chariot hurrying near …

Must get on with that storychair today, then tomorrow it’s off to Spoonfest.

More progress on the green oak story teller’s throne.

SAMSUNG CSCAll the members of the front and back frames are now prepared, subject to sawing off some horns on the crest rail and the tops of the front legs.  I’m afraid the floor level in the bodgery is rising alarmingly, and I don’t expect these oak chips/shavings to rot away quickly.  I’ll have to bring some home to burn I think.

I’ve done a couple of scratch stock mouldings on the front rail and rung.  I’ll be adding some patterning with a gouge later.


SAMSUNG CSCWhile planing up the side rails I was struck by a thought that the ray patterning reminded me of bees in flight: