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I’ve been on the radio in my absence:

SAMSUNG CSCThis is my 1 minute 30 seconds of fame on Clare Balding‘s BBC Radio program Ramblings (This link may not work for those outside the UK).  It is a series in which Clare walks through the countryside discussing a wide range of topics with people accompanying her.

What I’ve really been doing, while I was under the tarp is this:

SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCFixing the back splats into the oak garden bench for customers in Morayshire.  This is rather fiddly I fit the two outside ones first to get the line across the bench seat.  Then drill the 1 inch holes in the seat.  The splats are test fitted to mark where they will meet the crest rail and I work out the angles under the rail and copy them with a sliding bevel.  The most exciting part is fitting 9 round tenons into the mortices at the same time.  As you can see, in order to cramp the rail on I need to first cramp on V blocks so the sash cramp will seat properly.  I only run to one sash cramp (I don’t make many sash windows!) so I use a Spanish windlass to hold the opposite end down while I gently coax the splats into position.

The job for today is fitting the arms, and then I just need to level up the legs on the trailer bed, the only proper flat surface around.

Always at my back I hear,
Autumn’s wingèd chariot hurrying near.


Chainsaw blues

I’ve been to the APF (Association of Professional Foresters) show for the last three days.  We were near the chainsaw carvers – 26 of them I believe, pretty noisy.  As you can see they have several means of making noise and carvings.  This guy had 4 saws, a drill, a blower, an angle grinder and something else I can’t make out.


(He’s making a bottle to go with the two chalices for the three bears at table). Don’t ask.

Some of the carvings were impressive:SAMSUNG CSC
Others rather sad:SAMSUNG CSCYet others world-changing (Is the globe really that shape?).
SAMSUNG CSCWe, on the other hand, were doing our own bonkers activity, racing each other to make legs that will never be used in chairs.
SAMSUNG CSCKevin from Ireland won the singles International log to leg race on the Saturday, he didn’t use a shelter.

SAMSUNG CSCEven though on two days the weather was somewhat soft (as I hear they are wont to say in Eire).

SAMSUNG CSCHere’re the ash logs we started from to make a pair of matching legs SAMSUNG CSC Penalties were awarded for bad turning and mismatches. See those black dots – they cost you time penalties – 15 seconds each.SAMSUNG CSCMe, I was more interested in carving and a spot of lunch (I’m not entirely sure why there’s a drawing pin in the banana). No I didn’t carve with the Opinel – strictly for culinary use.

SAMSUNG CSC(Oh, I suppose you’re going to gloss over your double last place position in the racing – Ed)