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Anatomy of a forester, Day 7


In search of culinary kelp.SAMSUNG CSCWhat’s wrong with this picture?

SAMSUNG CSCNot all things beautiful and crafty are in wood.

SAMSUNG CSCSee that little white cottage at the far right? Sitting on the seawall top:


Obviously a problem with the foundations if this lot of sack concrete had to be laid down.

Well, guess what it’s roofed with?

SAMSUNG CSCYup, straw – it’s thatched justabout.  Looked to us as though stormy seas might send waves crashing down the chimney, although the bay is pretty sheltered.

Here’s how you get to it:

SAMSUNG CSCThe vehicular road stops quite a bit short of many houses in this quaint village by the sea.  And there was no sign of donkeys, nor mules to bring in your stuff for the holidays.  About half the cottages are for holiday use.

Meanwhile …

SAMSUNG CSC… a couple of miles further North. Another, still justabout operational fishing village:

SAMSUNG CSCHow pretty …

SAMSUNG CSCWhere am I? East or West coast, of which county?

Anatomy of a forester, Day 6

Bill Evans extraordinary musical genius, slave and victim (1980) to class A drugs.


Jazz has a hold on me.  I think of it as being the vernacular sitting alongside the classical.

If you never dibbed your toes in, now’s the time to try it out.

Bill in brief

YouTube Preview Image
Way in: “The studio album Everybody Digs. Peace Piece (which starts at 26m 50s ) is one of the simplest jazz tracks ever, a thing of extraordinary beauty: same theme all the way through, a series of soft chords in the left hand with the gentlest improvisation in the right.”

If you don’t believe me, read the notes on the sleeve. E.g. “I’ve sure learned a lot from Bill Evans.  He plays the piano the way it should be played.” – Miles Davis.