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Gentle Christmas reggae dub


SAMSUNG CSCLink to lovely music to make your Christmas presents to.

Peaceful reggae carols played by the leader of our community band and his professional musical pals “Dread Supreme”.  Go on!  Click it, you know you want to! They don’t sound anything like any carols you’ve heard before (Well maybe a bit – Ed)


Regional Furniture Society 2014, gouge work

The Regional Furniture Society’s 2014 journal arrived a few days ago, and I must say it’s an excellent read!

SAMSUNG CSCSorry, not breaking copyright, you’ll have to join – worth it just for this journal alone.  There is an American secretary too.

I’ve just read a really well researched and presented article about a press cupboard made in the Lake District.  It includes a detailed analysis of the carving by chisel type.  Brilliant.  I think it would be a good discipline to analise carving in this fashion as background to my 17th century-style carving (And lots more practice. – Ed.).

New logo for the Landy: