Gates and fences

I make gates of peeled Cumbrian coppice oak.  Small picket gates

and larger double gates …

This one has matching side fences.  The upright members are nailed on with rose headed nails, constructional joints are all mortise and tenon.  The oak is coppiced to harvest the bark for tanning.  See my post on coppiced oak here.

Prices from £400 for a small picket gate.  Framed fencing around £100 per metre depending on height.

Here’s another picket gate:


Mini hurdle garden dividers/plant supports in ash £12 each.


I weave hurdles from local coppiced hazel (click for my article about coppicing).  These are made on site in your garden.  Various prices depending on height and location, but four feet high is around £40 per 6 running foot length.