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Rhubarb,rhubarb, rhubarb.

OK, day off again yesterday, where did we go, what did we see?

SAMSUNG CSCWe went somewhere dark,and warm, where a 30 second exposure is needed to capture the scene.

It was here:


SAMSUNG CSCInside this shed:

SAMSUNG CSCThose heaps in the field are the waste product from this ancient process –

SAMSUNG CSCYes, we were in the mysterious Rhubarb Triangle.  Crowns of rhubarb are dug up (about 14,220 in the shed we visited first) and kept warm, dark and moist  and the result is this:

SAMSUNG CSCBeautiful pink rockets of fibreless forced rhubarb, a vegetable we use as a sweet, much celebrated and used by posh chefs, as well as me and thee.

The sheds are lit only by candlelight to encourage the rapid growth:

SAMSUNG CSCAlthough it’s quite dark in the sheds a 30 second exposure revelas the extent of this seasonal crop:



We bought a couple of packs of the forced jewels as well as a crown/root of the variety Timperely Early which crops twice in a season out-of-doors, which is how we grow it.

We then went on to one of our favourite haunts, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, where there is always a feast for the eyes, even by just looking out of the gallery through the windows:

SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCWe saw some very fancy spacemen by Yinka Shonibare floating around their tin can

SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCEven the cafe with its blocks of subtle colour changes looked like a work of art:

We had sandwiches in the car before we went in!  Cheap skates.

Out of doors we saw some chunky Miro:


And more Yinka Shonibare

An iron door to nowhere

And a new Gormley which changes colour!

Altogether a Grand Yorkshire Day Out.

Two stools

Coppicing, felling, tushing (pretending to be a horse dragging timber rideside) trying to do a little woodwork.  Today it was coppicing.  Finally finished off the monster stool – it’s about 4 foot across, and severely overgrown.  Nothing else was growing within the spread of its massive (for hazel) canopy.  But after four visits its all down:

SAMSUNG CSCI should have taken a picture of the huge pile of wood we got from it.  ‘All’ that’s left to do now is to get it down to this level:


SAMSUNG CSCA neighbouring, smaller stool we took down in one today, thanks David!